Onu Law Firm
Our Firm understands that copyright protection, enforcement, and defense requires a vigilant partner in today’s environment.  Accordingly, our copyright practice provides advice and procurement services concerning U.S. copyright matters, including searching, registration, licensing, policing and enforcing copyrights.

For instance, our Firm can assist you in obtaining a copyright registration for your original work of authorship.  Once registered our Firm can also assist you with the development of licensing and/or distribution agreements so that you can maximize the value of your copyrights.  In addition, should the situation arise, our Firm also has the experience and expertise to assist you in preventing the infringement of your copyrights, seeking damages from infringement through litigation or settlement, and defending against claims of infringement on the internet or elsewhere.
If you would like to discuss these or any other copyright concerns, we encourage you to contact our Firm for immediate assistance.